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Video reveals one Mom's success with Wake Up Sense!
She now has her life back!

The Live Event you’ve been waiting for has arrived!
Stop the Crippling Effects of Depression
(and many other ailments)
Using a 90-Day Action Plan without Drugs!

Live from Las Vegas!
May 15 - 16, 2015
, Luxor Hotel*

Las Vegas!

Two Full Days of Live Presentations by
Professional Holistic Doctors
Breaking the Silence on Depression


Because Enough is Enough!

  Wake Up Sense, an online publishing company providing answers about depression, is coming LIVE  to Las Vegas! This revolutionary event will serve as the catalyst for making radical changes to our severely compromised health care system. This live and interactive event is a MUST for ALL still suffering from depression and anxiety, severe menopausal symptoms, fibromyalgia and a host of other “unexplained” ailments not cured by our current medical system.

  I am Scott Lifer, founder and CEO of Wake Up Sense.  I am not a doctor.  I am a patient advocate building a community of people like me who want the truth about ending suffering naturally.  I was on antidepressants until I learned the truth (read my personal story about the side effects).  I have felt every imaginable pain and mental gyration that one can have from these brain altering drugs.  But I have found a better way, and I want to share it with you.


Because you deserve the truth!  It is too easy to make decisions based on marketing and emotional imagery in the media.  There is always new law, a magic pill or unique technology that misleads most people into believing in the "quick fix" without doing the research.  The need for INSTANT GRATIFICATION is crippling Americans.  But are you getting the right message about what is truly good for you?

We Want to Reveal the Truth to You

At one point in my life, seven short years ago, I was on four classes of benzodiazepines and SSRI’s.  I know all too well the damage done to my body.  At the time, while I was suffering just like you (or your loved ones) in my isolated state of mental fog.  While I internalized my daily stress and family drama, I felt like a freight train was chasing me down.  I was too ashamed to tell my loved ones.   I could not find answers anywhere.  I only knew one way out, and that was to contact a psychiatrist and make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.

One morning, while taking these brain altering drugs, I couldn’t even get out of bed.  I wasn’t even 40 years old and my head felt like it was going to pop off my shoulders.  I couldn’t even get up to go to the gym that morning, which I had done for more than 20 years. That was the day I said, “ Enough is Enough,” and I vowed to find a way heal my body and mind without the drugs, or I was going to die trying!

As I started to discover a completely different world of natural and holistic means to deal with depression and anxiety (and many other esoteric ailments), I realized that this information is largely hidden from the very people who need it most!

I spent well over $5,000 on education resources, supplements, natural and holistic protocols for healing, and interviews with holistic healers and scientists.  It was absolutely life changing.  More to the point, it saved my life because I know I was on a path of misery and destruction if I had stayed on those medications. 

I knew that I had to get away from the system that was enabling my depression.  I learned that our mental health system does not treat depression, anxiety or overall mental health.  It seems to me that Big Pharma is synthesizing natural ingredients in a lab and spending billions of dollars to special interest groups like the FDA to push drugs through the system.  Why?  Because they can make billions by patenting a drug, largely without the proper clinical trials, and then pushing them through the medical system with doctors, psychiatrists and walk in centers like Urgent Care?  Don’t believe me? 

This Really Happened

About a year ago, seven years since I was on any kind of medication at all, I was so sick with nasal issues and a nasty upper respiratory cough that I reluctantly went into the Urgent Care in Ogden, UT, where I live. While I was with the PA (physician’s assistant) she told me that I had bronchitis and a nasal infection.  Then she asked how I was feeling otherwise.  I thought that it was an odd question,  but I simply said, “I’m doing OK, still dealing with the death of my best friend (who happened to be my father) but I’m doing OK.”  To my amazement, she asked me if I wanted a prescription for my “mental stress.”  To most people this may seem normal.  However knowing what I had uncovered about these dangerous classes of drugs, and having weaned myself off, I refused.  And I was shocked and saddened at her offer.

The PA offered me Klonopin (clonazepam, a class of benzodiazepine), which is a chemically mind-altering drug that crosses the blood brain barrier, because I had mentioned I was dealing with the loss of my father.  Our mental health system (or lack thereof) was now allowing a PA (neither a doctor nor psychiatrist) to write prescriptions to patients who are feeling low or a bit depressed!  No health intake form, no diagnoses, no testing, no questions, just an itchy trigger finger to sign that little pink pad.  Many of the 121 million people who are suffering will jump at the chance to be rid of their depression for a $10 co-pay. However, these drugs are simply not the answer for the majority of people suffering.

Healing with Change

On that day I found my life’s calling.  I’m not a martyr.  I’m not special.  I am just a normal father, raising two kids.  I am fed up with an epidemic that is crippling America and many good people. 

Wake Up Sense was created with a simple mission.  To empower who are suffering from this epidemic that goes largely un-noticed.  When is the last time you talked about depression, suicidal thoughts, night tremors, sweats, pounding heart or that sick feeling in your stomach that you get just because you have to cope with day-to-day activities?

I decided that it was time to create a society and social acceptance of depression.  It is perfectly acceptable to talk about your physical ailments on Facebook and Instagram.  But we are fearful of sharing ailments such as depression, anxiety, menopause, hot flashes or fibromyalgia.  Hence, I felt the need to start this movement, and reveal the truth about healing depression once and for all.  And this Live Event was born!

This Event Includes:*

Two full days of interactive speakers who have helped thousands without Meds!
Live interview with a "Wake Up Sense Success Story" person who said “Good Bye” to Cymbalta!
Free Health Intake Form – Our team will analyze and provide you with private feedback.
Live Question and Answer Sessions with Proven Holistic Healers
Live Presentation on getting to the “root cause” of your depression - a MUST SEE!
Step-By-Step Access to our Online Healing Club - Western Medicine can’t replicate this.
3 FREE Bottles of our All Natural Depression Supplement “Revive”  (meet the doctor who developed it!)

What will you learn at this event?

The truth about Western Medicine and why it may not heal you.
Nutritional approaches to healing depression.
Why those unexplained pains and other annoying issues are truly in your head.
The No. 1 cause of depression and anxiety (it’s NOT what you think!).
Why hormone issues are overlooked and what you can do about it.
Thyroid function and misconceptions that lead to false blood test readings.
Why Western Medicine treats with drugs first.
Generational drugging has become as common as Cell phone usage.
A quarter of the population has a gene mutation that predisposes them to depression, and the blood test to find it.


Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD
Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD

"Why Western Medicine
Cannot Heal"

(Full Speaker List Coming Soon)

Breakdown of Value:

Two full days of Doctors, Scientists and Holistic Healers at your disposal: $1,250.00 Value
Your Personalized Health Intake Analyzed by World Renowned Doctor: $750.00 Value
Live Demonstration of “Finding Your Root Cause of Depression (and other ailments)”: $850 value
VIP Access to our Online Healing Club: $175.00 Value                                 
3 FREE bottles of “Revive,” our scientific formulation for depression: $142.00 Value

Revive 5HTP


TOTAL VALUE:   $3,167.00

AND PAY ONLY  $977.00

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SPECIAL OFFER for the First 100 Ticket Sales:

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  • You will receive ONE YEAR of FREE consultations with once Board Certified Doctor with more than 38 years of experience, helping thousands get off of their medications!  (Consult via Google Hangout, Skype or other remote access.)

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What are Your Choices when You are Suffering?

If you or a loved one is still suffering from depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, unexplained pain, blood pressure and heart issues, and most other ailments not being solved by Western Medicine, what are your choices?  You really have two options.  One choice is to continue on your familiar path by staying in the mainstream health care system, taking meds, Googling for answers to your unsolved issues, and suffering in silence.  The second choice is to do what so many others are doing, just like I did seven years ago.  Learn the truth!

Even Celebrities are Not Immune

Robin Williams, along with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a long list of others we have lost is a true travesty. Suicide rates are only increasing. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it, and ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

I am not saying that we can save the world, but I do know many many people can and ARE being helped with proven research, protocols,and products that are NOT toxic to your body like pharmaceutical drugs.

Are We for Real?

Wake Up Sense now has more than 12,000 Likes on Facebook, numerous testimonials from people utilizing our protocols and products and coming off of their Cymbalta, Effexor and a host of others, Radio Interviews and a proven track record.  But I often hear this, “Scott, your credibility on the site, along with the doctors on your team, look amazing. You have the testimonials. But as online business, how do you know you are real?”

Testimonials for Wake Up Sense Protocols and Products

AND PAY ONLY  $977.00

NOTE: Only the first 500 tickets are available at this price. 
Then the price must go up an additional $500 to pay for the full cost of this event.

SPECIAL OFFER for the First 100 Ticket Sales:

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  • You will receive ONE YEAR of FREE consultations with our Board Certified Doctor with more than 38 years of experience, helping thousands get off of their medications!  (Consult via Google Hangout, Skype or other remote access.)


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